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2014 TRMA
Songwriter of the Year

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<bgsound src="_RefFiles/01 End of U.S. 1 (2).mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/02 Fintastic Kind of Day.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/03 Chasing The Sun.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/04 Neon Sea.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/05 68 Tango.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/06 Last Conch Out.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/07 Island Air.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/08 Caribbean One.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/09 Street Corner Superstar.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/10 When The Tourists Go.mp3" loop=false>
End of U.S. 1
Street Corner Superstar
Fintastic Kind of Day
Neon Sea
Last Conch Out
Island Air
68 Tango
Chasing The Sun
Caribbean One
When The Tourists Go

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