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2014 TRMA
Songwriter of the Year

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from 2012
of the Year Nominee

<bgsound src="_RefFiles/01 Down By The Sea Clip.mp3" loop=3>
Down By The Sea
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/02 Island Tings.mp3" loop=3>
Island Tings
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/03 With You.mp3" loop=3>
With You
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/04 Living Like A Pirate.mp3" loop=3>
Living Like A Pirate
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/05 Let's Get Tropical.mp3" loop=3>
Let's Get Tropical
Mimosa Morning
Land of the Sun & Sea
Eugene's Building A Boat
Party In Paradise
Hurricane Jane

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<bgsound src="_RefFiles/08 Eugene's Building A Boat.mp3" loop=3>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/09 Party In Paradise 1.mp3" loop=3>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/10 Hurricane Jane.mp3" loop=3>